Alan Wright – Sunday Captain

Name: Alan Wright

Club Role/s?

Sunday captain and help with ground.

What does this involve?

Trawling the website to find players’ availability. Currently used by two members. Deciding whether Tim Hedger or Jordan (Neal, not Price) should bat at number eleven. Cut some grass; paint some lines; put on and take off the covers at the wrong times.

What do you do in “real life”?

Well, the racing comes on the telly at about one thirty.

Watch in wonder at the irresistible rise of the Spurs.

How did you get involved with Chippenham Cricket Club?

The club wanted my son Phil to play for them and I came as part of the deal.

What is your first cricketing memory?

My first century, at the age of six. Scored in my back garden, against my own bowling. I was a lonely child.