Jon van de Peer – Secretary

Name: Jon Van De Peer

Club Role/s? Club Secretary, part-time groundsman, tour organiser

 What does this involve? 

Secretarial role involves organising regular

meetings down the Tharp Arms, and taking down the ramblings of our chairman and bizarre fantasies of Tim Hedger. I mow a lot of grass on the outfield and keep moles at bay. Three successful tours to The Garden of England completed this year with two wins and a winning draw.

What do you do in “real life”?

I work in the farming department of a national Land Agent, managing farming businesses throughout East Anglia. Spend a great deal of time ferrying children about , watching younger son James play cricket for Cambridgeshire and playing tennis with my elder son for the village team. Village life is the key.

How did you get involved with Chippenham Cricket Club?

Through Simon Heather. We played cricket together at School in Canterbury.

I’ve always been a team player and although I have no technique whatsoever I enjoy the competitiveness , banter and beer afterwards and particularly love watching Simon bat for 2 hours every week.

What is your first cricketing memory?

Collecting autographs at St Lawrence, Canterbury. John Sheppard, Alan Elham , Colin Cowdrey et al

Jon van de Peer