Tim Hedger – Sponsorship & Grants

Name: Tim Hedger

Club Role/s?  Club Fund Raiser/Right-arm Spin (sometimes) Bowler

What does this involve? We raise funds by membership fees, hire of the ground, ads in our fixture card, one-off fund raising events such as ‘race nights’ or walking Hadrian’s Wall dressed as Romans, and donations from local enterprises.

The club is also very much part of the local community and we endeavour when fundraising to also give back something to our loyal supporters. As a result, events such as the annual ‘Chippenham Music Night or the autumn ‘Teas in the Park’ are always well attended and very popular.

What do you do in “real life”? I run an English language school for adults in Cambridge. Unsurprisingly this is one of the enterprises that supports the club and ensures that I get to bowl my slow long-hops almost every game.

How did you get involved with Chippenham Cricket Club? I was roped in to play early on – about 1994 – by the indefatigable & incorrigible Darren Hughes and have been playing and helping out ever since.

What is your first cricketing memory? Breaking three leaded window panes in the living room with a cross-batted yahoo in the garden aged about 8, just moments after I’d been sent outside with my brother for breaking the kitchen window with my home-made German grenade.

Tim Hedger