Club kit

The club has a range of branded Adult and Junior kit that is avalable to buy from the Mr Cricket Shop in Burwell. Please note you do not need to wear club kit when playing or practicing for Chippenham. Obviously if possible we would like as many players as we can to be wearing club kit and would ask you to consider the club branded kit when making a purchase. However, we recognise this may not always be possible or practical, in particular when players are just starting or they already have purchased their kit. This is not a problem and it is far from essential to where the club branded kit when playing.

Below is a link to where you can view and order the club kit that is available. When you go to the page you will be prompted for a password to the Chippenham page. The password is CHIP14

If you decide to order kit online you should select the option to collect from the shop (Mr Cricket). What will actually happen though is when your kit is ready it will be delivered to the next available Monday night practice seesion for you to collect.

Due to the club kit needing to have the embroidery added in the club colours there are three deadlines for ordering club branded kit. These will be 31st March, 30th April and 31st May. All orders made before 31st March will be delivered to the ground on Monday 14th April. Orders made in April will be brought to the ground for the coaching on Monday May 11th and orders made in May will be brought to the ground on Monday June 15th. Don’t worry if you can’t get to the grounds on these nights, we can arrange delivery to your house a couple of days later. One other thing to note. When you make the order online it will state a delivery date. Please ignore this because this doesn’t include the time needed to organise the embroidery on the shirts.

Of course if you don’t want to order online you can also order club branded kit by going into the shop and placing your order.