How to make yourself available for selection

For the 2017 season we will be using a selection committee to select the weekend teams. As we now have three teams playing at the weekend we feel this is necessary to ensure we get as many people a game as possible and send out teams that are competitive. It will also take some pressure off the three captains and help with the coordination of information.
The selection committee will meet on a Monday night to select the teams for the following weekend. The committee consists of Alan Wright, Richard Sadler and Ollie Rix. When they are able to be present, the captains of each side will be welcome to join the meeting.

There are 5 ways that you can make yourself available for selection and these are listed below.

  1. Telling the captain at the previous weekend’s game.
  2. Email Richard Sadler at:
  3. Text Richard your availability on the following number 07810 436226
  4. Telephone Richard with your availability on the number above
  5. By speaking to one of the committee before the Monday prior to fixtures.

Although we won’t be making the final selection until the Monday prior to matches it will still be very helpful if you can let us know your likely availability for the weeks ahead. We understand this could be subject to change but it does mean that we can start planning the sides and identify any weeks where we are short or potentially have unbalanced sides. I appreciate not everyone can plan ahead like this but any information you can give us (even dates when you are definitely not available) is helpful.

You will be informed of your selection by no later than Tuesday morning by email or text.

Obviously it does give us significant problems if you have to drop out once you have been selected. However, we do accept that on rare occasions this may be necessary. On these occasions please contact Richard Sadler at your earliest opportunity.