New Pavilion

New Pavilion Rendering
New Pavilion Rendering

Reasons for new pavilion

The current pavilion was erected in 1998 so is now almost twenty years old. CCC has grown organically since its re-launch in 1993 and has seen significant growth – particularly since the start of the new century (see ‘Key Dates’ document). The time has therefore come to build a larger and better equipped pavilion so as to meet the demands of our flourishing club. In tandem with this the work shed will also be improved, with greater space being provided for machinery, and with power to provide lighting, and electricity for use of bowling machines in the nets. The options available to the Club were either to adapt the existing pavilion or to demolish it and begin anew. After consultation with builders and the Club Treasurer (to consider VAT implications) the committee opted for a new build.

The Pavilion Committee

Chippenham Cricket Club has a well-established and efficient committee which convenes at least eight times a year to discuss all aspects of the running of the club. From this committee a smaller sub-committee has been formed, which is comprised of James Broad (our regular Committee Chairman), Jane Van De Peer (our regular club Welfare Officer), Tom Gallop (Club Treasurer) and Tim Hedger (Grants & Sponsorship).

Cost of New Pavilion

The cost of the new venture has been set at £200,000 – this is based on proposed scale of new pavilion and using the higher end of industry rates for building per Sq. m (£1,000 or more). Allowance has to also be made for misc. professional fees and for the redevelopment of work shed.


  • The aim is to begin construction of the new pavilion late September 2017 with a view to completing the project at the end of March 2018
  • A decision from East Cambs District Council on the submitted plans is expected no later than 9th November this year, at which point the construction of the pavilion can be put out to tender
  • The Club has sufficient funds for interim costs, which includes the architect’s fees and the planning fees (both of which have already been paid)
  • Fundraising for the project has begun, instigated by our President, Eustace Crawley.  See ‘Notes on Fundraising’ below

Progress so far

  • The Club have been in close contact with the Crawley family and have their full support for the proposed new pavilion
  • The Club’s President, Eustace Crawley, has already launched a vigorous postal campaign to recruit donors
  • Over the summer James Broad and Tim Hedger have visited a number of recently constructed and/or up and coming pavilions in the region to garner feedback on design, layout, fundraising issues, pitfalls, eco-friendly aspects, and timescales. These have included pavilions at Cokenach, Lode, and Bardwell
  • Tim has met with Jenny Lambert of Cambs Cricket Association to canvass her opinion and seek CCA’s backing for the project, and also had an on-site visit with a well-established local builder to have their assessment of timescales and estimation of costs
  • Tim has done groundwork on misc. grant bodies and is due to make a brief presentation to the local parish council on 10 October 2016
  • The CCC Committee interviewed two architects and then selected Peter Heather to design the new building. A planning application has been lodged with ECDC and a decision can be expected by 9th November 2016 at the latest, Peter has produced the following designs: 
    New Pavilion Store Shed
    New Pavilion Store Shed
    New Pavilion Site Plan
    New Pavilion Site Plan
    New Pavilion Ground Plan
    New Pavilion Ground Plan
    New Pavilion Elevations
    New Pavilion Elevations



  • Work has begun to develop an improved club web site that will have a section devoted to the new pavilion and fund raising. The Club is keen for all members or stakeholders in the club to be consulted, and updated on an ongoing basis, and so as to give feedback on the project. It is also hoped that this will give donors, members, parents, players and other interested parties the chance to give their input and suggestions

Fund Raising for the Pavilion

The Club plan to raise funds by:

  1. Grass root club funding initiatives
  2. Donations from individuals
  3. Misc. Grants and Sponsorships

Where possible the Club also hope to save money through ‘Sweat equity’ or by seeking out favourable loans.

Fund Raising for the Pavilion

If you would like to make a donation to the new pavilion, however big or small, then please contact either call or email:

Notes on Fundraising

  • It is a very difficult time for clubs to source grants. Many of the grants that clubs have been able to apply for in the past have been curtailed, or withdrawn altogether – such as various schemes through the ECB, Sport England, and WREN. One consequence of this is that those funding or grant bodies that are still accepting applications are even more oversubscribed than they previously were. Other grant funding bodies are currently going through major restructuring procedures in 2016/2017, thus putting the break on funding in the short to medium term
  • There are still grants that the club can apply for. CCA are ready to assist grant applications with letters of support. However these grants are generally ones that can be sought towards the end of a given project, rather than up-front
  • Hugo and Rebecca have been very supportive of the enterprise and have provided shown great willingness to renew the lease of the ground to the club for a further twenty five years. This is important from a grant point of view as many funds or grants cannot be accessed unless there is such a length of time still existing on the lease
  • Obtaining the ECB Club Mark status (2014) gives the club access to various funds that it could otherwise not apply for
  • The Club hope to raise a minimum of £20,000 (i.e., 10% of the outlay for the project) through grass root initiatives. The Club already has a strong record of doing this over the past two decades via individual schemes and village events, such as the well-established annual ‘Chippenham Talent Night’. Upcoming events being planned include a Chippenham to Chippenham Cycle Ride and an All-Day Cricket Game from sunrise to sunset in the summer
  • The Club is seeking for at least four private donors to provide a five figure sum to the project. Once such anonymous donor has already come forward with a donation of £25k. The club also hopes to attract at least a dozen private donors that will provide either four figure sums, and then a further wider selection of donors that will be prepared to donate three figure sums
  • Mr Eustace Crawley, President of the CCC, has been vigorously networking a large number of potential donors – this campaign has already added £3,000 to the coffers