Update to members

25th August 2020

Dear all,

Due to us losing the evening light at this time of year last night was the final scheduled date for the summer Monday training sessions. Despite the late start to the season we have managed to run this every week since June 15th, so eleven weeks in total. Thanks to all of you who have been able to attend. It’s been great to see the numbers grow each week. 

Moving forward, we still have fixtures planned until the end of September with matches scheduled for age groups U9 and above.  We have added a couple of inter club tournaments for the U9s and inter club matches for the U11s. 
In addition, if there is enough interest we plan to offer additional training nights on September 7th and 14th for U13s, U15s and adults. The timings will be as follows:

U13s – 5.15pm-6.15pm

U15s & adults – 6pm-7.15pm

If you wish to attend on these dates please book by texting me on 07881818047.

You can still also book to use the nets at the ground during September at the following link:

We will once again be hoping to have a winter programme to help keep the cricket skills intact for next summer. Covid though continues to make this difficult for us to plan or commit to anything in too much detail at the moment, in particular the use of indoor facilities. We will continue to monitor the situation and will notify you as soon as we have a clear picture of what we can provide.

I would also like to express a special thank you to everyone who has joined the club this summer. Although as a club we feel we have done a lot to ensure membership still represented good value in 2020, we also understand there was still less cricket than normal. So we really do appreciate the support so many of you have shown for the club by joining again this year.
We are though aware that some families still face uncertain futures financially due to the impact of Covid. We therefore do understand if some people still feel they are unable to join the club in 2020.  However, if you haven’t joined the club already and your own situation has now improved enough that you feel you are in a position where you can justify joining, I would ask that you please do so. I am sure you can recognise the club has been hit hard by the current circumstances and our ability to raise crucial funds to keep the club going is likely to be hampered for sometime yet. 
As a reminder the Adult membership for 2020 is £50 and the Junior membership is £40 and you can pay the membership by transferring the funds to the club bank account. Here are the bank details: 
Bank: Nat West

Account name: Chippenham Cricket Club

Sort Code: 60-15-47

Account number: 44392583

Please ad a reference with your initials and “memb” following them.

If you want to contribute something but feel you can’t pay the full membership fee, a donation is also always welcome and you can pay this in the same way just a using the abbreviation “dona after your initials.

Before closing I also wanted to remind you that the Club’s AGM has been moved to November 4th so please get this in the diary. We hope to hold this in the Tharp Arms as normal but will review closer to the time based on the Covid situation at that point.

Enjoy the rest of the season and hope over to see you all at the ground over the coming weeks.

Best regards,


Darren Hughes


Chippenham CC