Update to members

28th May 2020

Hi all,

As some of you may have heard in the last couple of hours the government has announced further easing of restrictions. We hope this will provide an opportunity for us to provide more cricket opportunities for club members. However, we will need to wait for the ECB guidelines before making changes or adding to our current offering. So for next week at least, we will continue to provide the same cricket opportunities as the last couple of weeks.

One major change to the current offering is we have now set up an online booking system. The booking system is now live and you can now book sessions from Monday 1st June. This includes the following:

  • Practice in the nets for a maximum of two people (or more if they are from the same household).
  • Practice on a wicket on the square using mobile net for a maximum of two people (or more if they are from the same household).
  • Bowling and Wicket Keeping Practice on a wicket on the square for a maximum of two people (or more if they are from the same household)
  • One to One coaching at the ground for Adults and Juniors (Age 7 years and above).

As a reminder there is no charge for those who have paid their membership for 2020 when making a booking. In addition, if you were a member in 2019 you can also book to practice session in the net or on the square free of charge. 

If you wish to have a one to one coaching session and are not a member for 2020, there will be a charge of £15 for your 40 minute session. We are unable to accept cash or cheque due the current restrictions that exist, so payment for a one to one session must be paid before the session by online transfer to the club bank account. If you want to join the club for 2020 the fee is £40 for Juniors and £50 for Adults.

You can access the online booking system by Clicking here. You can make a booking at anytime up until the day before your session (subject to availability). We hope and expect this will make things simpler for you when booking. 

Please note, the online bookings are in 45 minute sessions but this includes your time to set up and leave the area. So your actual playing time will be closer to 40 minutes. If you are using the nets on square it is likely to be closer to 35 minutes due to set up and clear away time. If you have any questions regarding the booking system please call Paul East on 07505 149848. 

We have also set up a “Find a partner” service. This is for members who want to practice but don’t know anyone who is available at the same time as them. If you are in this situation the club will try and find another club member to practice with you. This service is for those aged 18 and over only. If you want to use it you should text Darren on 07881818047 and let him know what times you will be available to practice. He will then share this information with the other club members to try and find you someone to practice with.

Before booking please ensure you have read the Ground User Checklist because failure to adhere to this will result in you having to leave the ground. The checklist can by found by clicking here.

Finally, we have created a short video to help people see what to expect when coming to the ground to practice under the current restrictions. This can be viewed here.

As a club we will continue to explore every opportunity to provide cricket activity during the current Covid-19 crisis, while also ensuring it is done safely and adheres to all guidelines provided by the government and ECB.

Best regards,


Darren Hughes


Chippenham CC